Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is with deep regret that I am forced to shut my web site down.  The owner(s) of a web site selling pirated content are directly responsible for the following:
  • Selling and distributing my copyrighted content without my authorization
  • Banning my Facebook account
  • Banning my YouTube account
  • Banning my Pay Pal account
  • Hacking my Gmail account and mining my customer e-mail addresses
  • Hacking my web site and removing my password sharing protection program
Because the offending web site is hosted in another country (and subject to their laws), I don't have the time and resources to stop them.   They are illegally pirating content from legitimate, hard working models (like myself) and reselling it.  IF you are an adult entertainment model, please review the Internet to ensure YOUR content is not posted there.
1.  Passwords To Your Forums / Web Site / Facebook / YouTube / Daily Motion / Yahoo Group Accounts:  Use a unique user name and password for each existing and new site you are registered on.  There is a FREE random password generation tool.  Each password should be at least 8 characters long and you'll need to keep a separate list for this.  Update your passwords every 30-90 days.
2.  Password Sharing Software:  Install Phantom Frog on your web server.  This is the absolute BEST software as it automatically detects sharing violations and prevents them from being abused further. 
3.  Credit Card Processing:  Use CCBill.
4.  Content Protection:  Register your logo / content within 90 days of first use.  After that, you have the legal system on your side for DMC (Digital Millennium Copyright) violations.  Add a copyright notice to EVERY photo AND a ghosted watermark on your model(s).  This way, if your copyright notice is removed, your images will still have the ghosted watermark.
5.  File A DNC Copyright Violation Notice With Domain Name Providers, Web Hosts and Payment Processors:  NO business wants to have a DMC copyright violation notice against them.  For each violation, there is a $10,000 fine and the judgment would be on their record so they could never get credit, buy a vehicle or a home until the judgment is paid. 
  • IF you find an offending web site, kindly ask them to remove the illegal content immediately and if they don't comply within a timely manner (say 72 hours), file a DMC with their domain name provider (GoDaddy.com, Network Solutions, etc.). 
  • File a DNC with their web host and to do so, you'll need to do a Who Is search to determine who the web host is.  If it won't tell you, you can always Google the domain servers listed, then contact their customer support. 
  • File a DNC with their listed payment processors. 
5.  Organize With The Payment Processors To Investigate Password Sharing and DMC Violators:  With any cause, it needs to be organized and it's more successful with unity.  ALL payment processors are losing serious millions of dollars from password sharing and DMC violators.  What is needed is an organization funded by all the payment processors to investigate and prosecute password sharing and DMC violators to the fullest extent of the law.  As well as provide knowledge and protection for webmasters / models.  The funding of such a group would be supported by a percentage of every sale of ALL adult web sites.  I'm sure that each model / business in question would be willing to pay a small percentage of every sale to fund a watch dog group.  You'll need to rally the V.P.'s of each major payment processor in the adult entertainment industry with a solid proposal from a petition of willing adult web sites.  Yes, this is A LOT of work but this could transform the adult entertainment industry!
Don't support web sites that give away or charge money for stolen content.   The models work VERY hard to earn their money...and you are taking away from their ability to feed and support their families by supporting web sites that give away or charge money for stolen content
Report violations you find to the model / webmaster that has been violated.  Pray that the violator(s) will be ordered to stop.
IF you do nothing, then you'll find other legitimate SSBBW / BBW models being driven out of business.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW! Pearadise SSBBW Photo Sets 15, 16, and 17

Photo sets 15, 16 & 17 featuring my 83" pear shaped ass are ready to view. Please check it out at:

For Fans:

For Members:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NEW! Photo Set 14 - Pearadise SSBBW In Panties:

NEW!  Photo Set 14 - Pearadise SSBBW In Panties:

Hey Pearadise SSBBW Fans & Members:

My newest photo set 14 featuring my 83" pear shaped ass in panties is
ready to view.  Please check it out at:

For Fans:

For Members:

NEW! Photo Set 13 - Pearadise SSBBW In Black Lace

Hey Pearadise SSBBW Fans & Members:

My newest photo set 13 featuring my 83" pear shaped ass in black lace is ready to view.  Please check it out at:

For Fans:

For Members:


Pearadise SSBBW

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NEW! Photo & Video Set 11 - Pearadise SSBBW In Tight White Panties

Hey Pearadise SSBBW Members:

My newest photo & video set 11 featuring my 83" pear shaped ass in skin tight white panties is ready to view.  Please check it out at :

  http://www.pearadisessbbw.com/updates/PearadiseSSBBW_Set11.jpg- Tight White Panties

Friday, May 20, 2011

NEW! Sets 9 & 10 of Pearadise SSBBW

Hey Pearadise SSBBW Members:

My newest photo & video sets 9 & 10 are now available featuring my 83" pear shaped ass in skin tight white pants and my birthday suit in a hot tub.  Please check it out at :

http://www.pearadisessbbw.com/members/Set9/index.htm - Skin Tight White Pants
http://www.pearadisessbbw.com/members/Set10/index.htm - Hot Tub

P.S.  I've listened to suggestions from fans so I will be working on several new types of photos and videos in the near future including squashing, measuring, full body front & full body rear, real life clothing, hot oil, lycra, panty hose, garter belts, facesitting, hardcore dirty dancing, taking a shower, self jiggling, jogging and much more so stay tuned.  Currently, ALL of my photos have been upgraded to 1024x768 at maximum quality so you can easily view my photos on ANY web browser.  This weekend, I will be adding new QuickSave feature to all of my sets.  QuickSave allows members download each complete photo / video set with just one click, saving YOUR valuable time!  Remember, I answer my e-mails directly so drop me a line if you like...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NEW! Photo & Video Sets 4 - 8

Hey Pearadise SSBBW Members:

My newest photo & video sets 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of me in daisy dukes, bathing suit, pink and black thongs are now available! Please check them out at :


P.S.  I'm working overtime on sets so you'll stay a loyal Pearadise SSBBW member!  So...I have several more sets coming next week so stay tuned!  I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions so please e-mail me when you can.  Oh...due to overwhelming requests, I just updated my bio page so please check it out too: http://www.pearadisessbbw.com/bio.htm


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